Amazing tattoos/tattoo inspiration.

421 ♥ / 19 August, 2010
  1. geniusateleven answered: Oasis :D “live forever”
  2. situpandlaugh answered: I want a treble clef behind my left ear.
  3. iamchurky answered: key hole tattoos at my nape!
  4. purple-pickle answered: A flame tree. It’s a good representation of my home, Saipan.
  5. alfhadah answered: yes, i would love to have tones of them on me ( once apon a time,stars and the list of what i want to achieve before i retire)
  6. dubiozaur answered: two little birds on my wrist
  7. veemoreno answered: I want write one verse around my pulse.And this need to looks like one bracelet
  8. harriettt answered: i want a bird on my wrist. like sienna miller :)
  9. marauderthoughts answered: maybe a sort of tribal design
  10. withalittleclass answered: I want three birds on my wrist. One perched, one prepared to take flight, and one in mid flight. I want it so badly.
  11. liveforeverdienever answered: Yes; i wan Mien Leiben Mien Liebe across my shoulder blades. it means ‘my life, my love’ in german:D im getttin it on my 18th birthday
  12. todayonhiatus answered: blackbirds flying
  13. geggsandh answered: i would think that it will be cool to have one. however, i won’t have one because i am scared that it may be too painful.
  14. eleebecrazy answered: some meaningful words. BUT I want them in the handwriting of someone I hold dear.
  15. pattyangeles answered: Psalm 73:26
  16. rebslim answered: One on my right arm (wand arm) that says Wingardium Leviosa OR a small infinity sign on the lower back of my neck.
  17. parkbenchtheory answered: I want a huge, blooming tree going up my side.
  18. breasgoingbonkers answered: I want a black and white small owl on my right shoulder blade. :)
  19. landingfeetfirst- answered: puzzle piece
  20. missdank619 answered: I have a few tattoos, but not nearly as many as i’d like. i want tons of things, i’ll show you soon :)
  21. missetc answered: When my boyfriend and I get married, because he can’t keep track of a ring, we’re going to get tattoos of infinity signs on our ring fingers.
  22. agirlofmay answered: Butterfly tattoo on my shoulder, tattoo of cherry blossom tree covering half of my back, or tattoo of flying swallows…pretty words etc (:
  23. thoseribbons answered: A string of doves flying across my wrist, or maybe a feather
  24. queenlolee answered: i kinda want smth that suggests freedom on the back of my neck or smth
  25. vicedreams answered: I’m gonna get a dreamcatcher on my wrissstt. and a feather one the same wrist. tiny ones though. when i’m in diff countries though :)
  26. lizface answered: Sunflowers. Stretching up the side of my back, maybe to the shoulderr. =)
  27. acrylical answered: I want a nice word phrase
  28. xoxosarahleigh answered: Heart with FC Barcelona crest on the inside - back of left wrist & crescent moon w/ stars falling out of it on my left ankle.
  29. kelsie-c answered: the words “my brother’s keeper” in hebrew on the top of my right shoulder
  30. uglyduckling-bakbak answered: cherry blossoms. stars. the word “perfection”. My husband’s name on my ring finger.
  31. fart-proudly answered: yup..i like a paw print..
  32. thoughtsonahill answered: i have “creer la paix” on my ribs already, and will be getting the lyrics “don’t forget to breathe now, calm yourself” on my other ribs
  33. n-cturne answered: I’ve had my dog for over 10 years and I want her paw prints tattooed somewhere near my heart.
  34. creepershoes answered: A giant dream catcher on my entire back.
  35. pandaturtlebabylove answered: I have the tattoos i want
  36. niandy answered: already have a tat. Heart w/ musicnote on my left wrist. =)
  37. playingitsafely answered: a wishbone on the back of my neck because of the phrase “never grow a wishbone where your backbone should be”
  38. coloursplashedsoul answered: creativity and ‘I am love’
  39. chelsiibrooke answered: Mom Heart with flowers on my right foot & an anchor that says dad with a circular rope around it.
  40. alwaysjustabit-closed answered: a tattoo on the side of my waist, diagonal.. in indian though. The letters are beautiful!
  41. madeofsunxhine answered: A G-Clef on my neck under my right ear. :D
  42. cephalopodqueen answered: link related.
  43. inboredom answered: I want an anchor on the inner corner of my left arm. And my star sign… taurus.